The Arboretum in the courtyard and the areas within the Elk Fence (Areas 1 – 11 on the map) from 17 till 28 June and 31 May till 4 June as well as on Monday to Friday 16 till 31 August 2021 open without limitations. Visiting address Fåfängövägen 216.

The Event Open Gardens Sunday 20 June from 12 till 17.

During other times, the courtyard and the Areas 1 to 11 are in private use.

During this time, it is possible o visit this part of the Arboretum according to agreement.

Phone 041 507 7258.

E Mail:

The sign on the gate will also indicate when the place is open.

The areas outside the Elk Fence (Areas 12 to 16) as well as the Fairy-Tale Path and the Garden for the Blind are open for visitors without limitations.

Visits are on your own responsability. Parents are requested to look after their children.

Visiting address Fåfängöudden 10.

Kindly write your name in the Guest Book in the mail box fastened to the Information Board at the beginning of the Fairy-Tale Path.


       All visits are free of charge.

Our arboretum is open also 14 to 19 June 2021 - welcome!